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Annual Councils conference webpage Sessions and Breakouts 8-8-21


General Session Topics


Common Fleet Mistakes:  How Safety & Operations Fail to Work Together

Join Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Co-CEO of Idelic, for a discussion on how your fleet's Safety and Operations Teams can work best together to build a stronger fleet culture.  Learn how your fleet can break out of siloed departments and start preventing accidents and retaining drivers.

In this presentation, Cardiff will discuss how:

  • Siloed Departments can damage fleet operations and increase liability
  • Safety departments can instsill safety-first values at every level of their fleet
  • Safety and Operations Teams can work together to retain drivers

Lessons Learned from the Inside of Staged Accident Litigation

During this session, attorney Doug Williams will address the recent problems with staged accidents in New Orleans, common factors among the fraud cases, and strategies for identifying and defending against similar claims.


Truck - Optimizing Service & Maintenance with Smart Trailer Telematics

Evolution of fleet and trailer telematics in the last 20 years.  During this session, we will do a brief overview of the latest developments and trends and a glimpse onto the European landscape as it compares to North America.  We will also discuss how fleets can use smart trailer telematics for service & predictive/preventive maintenance, how smart trailer telematics can support the different tiers of transportation with just one solution and lastly, we will look into the future to predict how new solutions involving electrification and ADAS may change the way we optimize service & maintenance.

NCTA State Partners Annual Update and Councils Business Session

During this session NCTA federal and state partners will provide an update on the latest changes influencing the trucking industry.  Also the membership will vote on the slate of officers and members of the advisory board for the Safety and Human Resources Council and the Technology and Maintenance Council.

Three Track Education Sessions

Human Resources

Safety and Compliance

Technology & Maintenance