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NCTA Committee for Good Government PAC

Over the years, the North Carolina Trucking Association has remained an effective and consistent voice of the industry.

The Committee for Good Government PAC (CGGPAC) is a non-partisan political action committee of the North Carolina Trucking Association. Through the CGGPAC, the Association is able to assure the trucking industry and business in general is considered at the NC General Assembly.  The North Carolina General Assembly decisions have a very real impact on our daily operations and profitability.

Funds are generated by contributions from individuals that support the Association's advocacy efforts.  You may give up to $6,400 to the PAC per election cycle. We hope that you will consider contributing $100, $500, or $1000. The amounts are only suggestions; any amount you donate is critical to our success to help our industry elect or re-elect pro-trucking legislators that understand our issues.

All contributions are strictly voluntary. Under the State Law NCTA PAC Committee for Good Government cannot accept corporate contributions.  The NCTA Legislative Committee approves the use of funds.  CGGPAC is registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State and is bound by the North Carolina State Board of Elections fundraising laws and reporting requirements.


Mail checks to the NCTA addresses below, make checks payable to: NCTA CGG PAC