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Member Directory

Online searchable allied, motor carrier or community college directories. Motor carrier directory is available only to NCTA members.

Social Media

Connecting on NCTA Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Sponsorship Program, conferences, councils, events and webinars.

NCTA Proud Member Logo

Download NCTA's logo to post on your website, email signature line and company marketing materials.

Subscription Lists

Subscribe to a number of specific email announcements by logging into your Info Hub.


Advertise in the Tarheel Wheels Magazine.

Tools and Resources

Calendar of Events

All NCTA events posted throughout the year.


Actively lobbying the North Carolina General Assembly and representing the industry as a voice to the federal and state agencies.

Trucking Operations Management Degree

NC community college certificate and associates degree from an NC community college.

Regulatory Specialist

In-house specialist to assist members with federal and state regulatory questions.

On-Demand Content

Webinars and virtual meeting content stored for members only found in the Member Hub.

Job Posting

NCTA members post open positions at their company at no cost on the NCTA's website.

Member Forum

NCTA members can post and stay up to date with the latest headlines, found found in the Member Hub.

Industry Resources

Resources consolidated on the website for quick reference.


Tarheel Wheels Magazine

The official magazine of the NCTA published three times a year. To advertise or view previous publications visit NCTA publications webpage.

The Monthly Bulletin

Monthly e-newsletter focused on industry development and association activities.  Subscribe to the Bulletin in the Info Hub.

The Advocacy Report

E-newsletter focused on lobbying efforts and politics.  Members can subscribe to the Report in the Info Hub.

Road Closure Alert

Email notification of NC road closures, accident and weather-related information.  Members can subscribe to the Alert in the Info Hub.

NCTA Annual Report

Publication capturing the Association's progress made in the past year and the vision and mission for the future. Read the report.

NCTA Councils

Safety & Human Resources

Council members collaborate to advance safe policies, practices and technology; and on effective risk management and accident/injury prevention in the trucking industry. The NCTA dues include membership in this council.  Refer to the NCTA calendar for upcoming meetings.

Technology and Maintenance

Council provides a forum for the exchange of information, discussion of current issues and hands on training for the technicians and fleet managers.  The NCTA dues include membership in this council. Refer to the NCTA calendar for upcoming meetings.


Women in Trucking

The Council’s mission is to advocate, educate and empower women in the trucking industry by promoting a culture of professional growth, acknowledging accomplishments, minimizing obstacles and creating awareness of diverse opportunities.  The NCTA dues include membership in this council. Refer to the NCTA calendar for upcoming meetings.

Awards, Recognitions and Competitions

Fleet Safety Contest

This award recognizes trucking companies for their cumulative safety performance.  Competing with peers, companies report their mileage and the number of accidents in the previous year. Application to apply.


Industrial Safety Contest

Industrial Safety Award recognizes trucking companies with the best ratio of hours worked relative to time lost due to industrial accidents.  Winners are selected in various size categories.  Application to apply.

Driver of the Month and Year

The purpose of this program is to recognize North Carolina truck drivers for their commitment to safety and professionalism during their driving career.  Driver of the Month is based on 12 months of performance and Driver of the Year must be a previous Driver of the Month recipient.  Application to apply.

Human Resources Professional Award

This award is presented to a human resources professional who is partnering with safety and human resources professionals to develop innovative ideas relating to driver recruitment and retention, human resources and labor issues.  Application to apply.

Safety Professional Award

This award is presented to the motor carrier safety professional whose job qualifications, achievements and ability to design and direct safety programs that are deemed most outstanding.  Application to apply.

Maintenance Professional Award

This award is presented to the person who is entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of maintenance supervision for their company.  This  award is intended to honor an individual who, in the opinion of their peers, is outstanding in their activities and accomplishments in maintenance and maintenance supervision in their company.  Application to apply.

NC Truck Driving Championship

The TDC is a Competition of the professional truck drivers hosted each year by the NCTA.  The competition includes nine classes for drivers to have a chance to demonstrate their driving and inspections skills.  The driver undergoes a written examination. Drivers must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition.

NC Top Tech Challenge Competition

The Top Tech Challenge is a state competition that offers technicians the opportunity to show off their skills, gives them the opportunity to represent their company and meet like-minded professionals in their field.

North Carolina Road Team

The  North Carolina Road Team captains have been making appearances on behalf of the industry and NCTA and assisting community service projects since 1996.  Road Team Captains serves for two consecutive years.