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NC Road Team Captains


In an effort to promote highway safety and inform the general public about the trucking industry, the North Carolina Trucking Association, through the NC Trucking Association Foundation, formed the North Carolina Road Team. The NC Road Team consists of commercial truck drivers who excel at their profession and are dedicated to safety, courtesy and responsibility.


The men and women selected each year to serve on the NC Road Team must be full time commercial truck drivers with excellent safe driving records, and must have the ability to relate the positive safety aspects of the transportation industry and its importance to a vibrant economy.


Presentations include school assemblies, driver education classes, business events, civic gatherings, safe driver banquets, driver meetings, and career events. NC Road Team members serve one-year terms, but "alumni" assist with large events.


To request a NC Road Team professional truck driver to speak at your event, contact NCTA at (919) 834-0387.

Video of NC Road Team Captain Sadler on Distractive Driving
Video NC Road Team Captains Demonstrating Blind Spots


2023 - 2024 NC Road Team Captains

Alan Cross 2

Alan Cross

Walmart Transportation

  • 26 years as a professional driver
  • 3,000,000 accident-free miles


James Brown 2

James Brown

Southland Transportation

  • 32 years as a professional driver
  • 3,108,655 accident-free miles
Steven Duggins 2

Steven Duggins

Walmart Transportation 

  • 30 years as a professional driver
  • 2,500,000 accident-free miles
Mark Willcox 2

Mark Willcox

Old Dominion Freight Lines

  • 40 years as a professional driver
  • 3,108,655 accident-free miles
  • NCTA Driver of the Month 2021
Chris Serviss 2

Christopher Serviss

Walmart Transportation

  • 40 years as a professional driver
  • 3,250,000 accident-free miles
  • America’s Road Team Captain 2006