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Summit Inspiration


Dee Dee Cox, SPHR

With 30 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development, Dee Dee Cox has worked in a variety of industries, including textiles, flooring and transportation both in the US and abroad.  She is a graduate of North Carolina State University, and holds a B.S degree in Industrial and Technical Education.  She is currently the VP of Human Resources Development with Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. where she is responsible for talent acquisition, employee relations, leadership training and development and employee engagement activities.


Audie Sherrod: Would've, Could've, Should've

Get ready!  On November 3rd Audie Sherrod, author of Challenge Accepted, will show you how to trade should've, would've, could've for live more, be more, do more.  He will show you how to find your "one thing" and make it your passion.  Your "one thing" is that one special deep tugging within your heart that has always been your superpower.  When you dare to indulge and focus on your "one thing", your heart is full, you're in your groove and ultimately it is when you experience your greatest life victories - your relationships thrive; your purpose is clearer; and you achieve more than you ever thought you could.

You will soon invest 3,600 precious seconds of your life to discover what may become the most important life tools you will ever add to your toolbox.  We live in a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities but the phrase that often seems to be front and center in our mind reminds us of what we should've, would've, or could've done.  There is absolutely no way to change yesterday, but the great news is we can be the masters of our tomorrows.  The time is right to live a life and a calling as People of Valor.  Let's trade should've, would've, could've for: live more, be more, do more.

Each time Audie speaks, he enthusiastically reminds everyone, that "What You Do Matters," and "Who You Are" - as a person: your character, and your values - "Matters Even More."  Audie is passionate about his career of service as a first responder.  Second only to an active war zone, there is no place saturated with more negativity and challenges to sustaining your personal values and developing a positive culture than prison.  Audie offers encouragement by sharing his exciting and often dangerous experiences and how as a leader he prevailed.  As the Author of Challenge Accepted, Audie builds on his leadership challenges as a Warden/CEO at multiple facilities in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, his experiences as a member of the elite United States Senior Executive Service (SES), and as a CEO in the private sector.  Now as the CEO of Summit 27, a premier leadership, communications, and culture consulting firm, he leads his clients - companies and individuals - to real time solutions that work.  Solutions he will share that you can put into practice immediately to guide you to become a change agent and influencer.  He will encourage your heart and provide much needed hope for a brighter tomorrow by sharing the life stories of real people - their challenges and their victories.

Lois Barth: Pandemic Part II - The New Abnormal: Radical Resliency During Really Challenging Times

Pandemic Part II The New Abnormal brings its own set of opportunities and skills, not to just "get by," but to thrive.  To build on what we've learned about adaptability and change and step into new levels of courage and confidence during these times of seismic change.

In this upbeat, entertaining, and interactive keynote we will dive into the 4C's with easy-to-apply tools for the group to experience greater confidence and courage during these times of uncertainty.

  1. Curiosity: How to move from criticism to curiosity.
  2. Compassion: Treating yourself and others with greater patience, kindness and generosity.
  3. Connection: Connection from a place of empathy and understanding and use that to build better teamwork and stronger relationships.
  4. Courage: The ability to take inspired risks and actions to grow and expand, not in the absence of your fears but right alongside them.

Lois Barth is a Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, Business and Life Coach, and author of Courage to SPARKLE (#1 Amazon Bestseller in New Releases Self=Help Emotions).  Lois uses stories, humor, and powerful exercises to help her participants thrive both personally and professionally:  have the Courage to SPARKLE.  She was the life coach for three national makeover campaigns - SELF, Fitness, and FITSTUDIO (Sears) - in which, thus far, 1.8 million people have participated.  Lois has been published and quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Women's Day.  She has spoken for the Society of Women Engineers, Genentech, Women in Trucking, L'Oreal, Capital One Bank, MLS Global, and many others.


Tiana Schowe: Living Intentionally Workshop

You are truly one-of-a-kind, unique and special.  You bring something to the world that nobody else that has ever lived, or ever will live or can bring.  Therefore, it's important to decide to live intentionally.  What would your life look like if you decided to craft a life as unique and special as you?  Sadly, there are five common regrets of the dying experience by those that defer to living by defaults.  There's no reason for you to get to the end of your live with regrets.  Let's dig deep and figure out how you can ensure you live a life on purpose and skip the regrets.

Tiana Schowe is the host of the Made to Conquer and Tiana Schowe Ain't Quite Right podcasts.  She has twenty years of experience in commercial transportation insurance, focused specifically on trucking.  She is currently the VP of Operations and Marketing at Transharpe, a software company focused on making insurance management for motor carriers easy.  She is a certified coach and NLP Master Practitioner working with select clients doing life coaching, professional and executive coaching.  She is a co-owner of a bicycle shop in her hometown and when she's not riding a bike, she's on the trails or taking care of her bees.

Group Discussion: Women's Forum

During this session the NCTA Women in Trucking Council leadership will engage the attendees in a discussion session on a variety of topics that impact women in our industry, asking for opinions, experiences touching on the messages delivered by the presenters during the conference.  Expect a lively discussion between the audience and the facilitators!