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NCTA Councils

NCTA Safety & Human Resources Council

The NCTA Safety & Human Resources Council promotes highway safety in a number of ways. The NCTA dues include membership with the Council. The Council consists of Safety and Human Resources personnel, along with Allied and Associate members.  The Council also oversees and operates a number of recognition programs that promote highway safety.  Meetings are held on a regular bases around the state on topics specific to the professional network. The council has recognition programs awarding NCTA members based on their cumulative safety performance and best ratio of hours worked relative to time lost due to industrial accidents. The council offers additional programs.  

NCTA Technology & Maintenance Council

The mission of the North Carolina Trucking Association Technology & Maintenance Council is to serve the interest of its members through maintenance and technical education, workshops, seminars and best practices through the collaboration of motor carrier and allied members to achieve the highest levels of knowledge, efficiency and highway safety in conjunction with an affiliation to the American Trucking Associations Technology and Maintenance Council. The NCTA dues include membership with this Council.